Sparkup The Magical Book Reader

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Sparkup The Magical Book Reader

Sparkup the Magical Book Reader is an innovative gadget that encourages kids to fall in love with reading and their books. You can record your voice reading any picture book with Sparkup attached. Your child then takes that book and turns the pages as Sparkup reads aloud in your voice. If your child skips a couple of pages ahead, then Sparkup skips ahead too! Sparkup makes reading fun and interactive for the entire family.

Connect Sparkup to your computer to save recordings, download stories, and more. Strengthens family bonds through reading, brings depth and excitement to children's reading experience, builds a strong connection between kids and their books and encourages independent reading

During story time, clip Sparkup to any picture book, press 'record', and read the book aloud. As you read, Sparkup captures your voice, while a tiny camera scans each page of the book. When your child wants to hear your voice, he or she simply clips Sparkup to any book you've recorded. Sparkup identifies the book and reads it aloud in your voice (pre-recorded books are also available on the Sparkup website).

Sparkup uses camera sensing technology to record and read aloud, record any book in your own voice, store up to 250 minutes of audio or approximately 50 recorded storybooks and connect to your computer to save recordings, download stories and more. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.